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Joey Miles

Joey came to yoga in 1998 after a misspent youth pursuing the circus, martial arts, and physical theatre. While at Goldsmiths University studying a BA in Drama, he set up and directed the Yoga Society; on graduating he began assisting Hamish Hendry at Ashtanga Yoga London and for 3 years he practiced and assisted daily. During this time he spent 2-3 months every year in Mysore with Pattabhi Jois and Sharath.

In 2004 he was authorised to teach the primary series by Pattabhi Jois and following that taught daily Mysore classes from 2005-2008 at Triyoga in Primrose Hill, London. In 2009 he relocated to Hebden Bridge and set up Ashtanga Yoga Leeds with the intention of supporting people’s daily yoga practice.

In 2012 Joey received Authorisation Level 2, meaning he has Sharath’s blessing to teach the full Intermediate Series. More recently in 2014, Joey completed the 3rd series under Sharath’s guidance at the KPJAYI in Mysore.

5th & 6th October 2024 – £115

Grounded and approachable, Joey’s ‘common sense’ approach to Ashtanga stems from his deep respect for the traditional method of practice, combined with experiential knowledge of alignment and anatomy.
Joey brings a fresh pair of eyes to your practice, giving guidance on how to work with the sequence and how to make the sequence work for you.
Joey’s pragmatism, humour, and caring nature will leave you feeling inspired and deeply connected with your practice.

Workshop 1 – Standing Laterals

In the first afternoon workshop, the emphasis is on actions, movements and doing. The body is divided into parts and concentration is fragmentary moving from place to place. The process challenges inertia and contraction, it reveals tension and where we are holding on.

Workshop 2 – The Tranquility Sequence

The Restorative Workshop shifts pace and uses support to allow awareness to spread spontaneously and become non-localized, one becomes aware of and rests within the feeling of wholeness and completeness. Doer-ship and techniques are abandoned leaving one to rest in stillness and peace.

Joey Miles Workshop 2019

Joey Miles Workshop 2022

Selected images from our 2022 workshop are from Lime House Yoga